Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2016


  • Board Members: Harley, Bill, Mary, Phil, Eddie
  • LASD: Capt. Sciacca + 2 officers
  • CHP
  • Acting Wiseburn Librarian Alison Ortiz
  • Dr. Tom Johnstone – Superintendent for Wiseburn School District
  • 70-80 members
  1. Shopping carts now picked up by the county please see (Bill)
  2. Ruse going around for burglars checking for empty homes
  3. Crime stats for December (Bill)
  4. Cap. Sciacca commented that crime stats are actually lower than 2014 except for burglary
    • Officers representing Community Partnership Bureau (formerly COPS)
  5. Alison Ortiz introduced herself as the acting Wiseburn Librarian (former Children’s Librarian @ Lomita)
    • Library has story time for 4+ on Saturdays @  10AM
    • Introduced Toddler Story time on Fridays @ 10AM
    • February will have a drum circle
    • Feb 6, Mar and Apr TBD – Tax Preparation Assistance
    • Feb 11 @ 7PM – Adult book club
    • All library events are on flyers at the Wiseburn Library (as well as online at
  6. Dore Burry – Wiseburn Walking Path Update
    • 75 tons of asphalt removed, approximately 75% complete
    • no root issues so far
    • lights will requires an 8-10 foot footing, may present 1st noise issue
    • Walking Path PM is Joe – identified by white construction cap – likes to hear from community
    • Southern point block – a 90 degree block will be needed at this juncture to seal off 405 access properly – Dore already working on it
  7. Dog Scanner update and marked as property of Wiseburn Watch – thanks to the community for funding (Harley)
  8. Santa Parade – thanks to Sara, Dawn, Mrs. Claus, CHP, 133rd stop, Darla (Harley)
  9. Shavonda Christmas gave update on Wiseburn Orphan Blocks inclusion petition into Wiseburn School District
    1. Awaiting results of CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) study, pending meeting which occurs the 1st Wednesday of every month @ LACOE – 9300 Imperial Highway, Downey
    2. Dr. Johnstone stated that Wiseburn Choice Block children are already treated the same as Wiseburn district children for admission
    3. 82/130 Choice Block students attend Wiseburn
    4. Wiseburn High School targetted for opening in 2017 with pool and gym by Christmas 2017
  10. presentation on video enabled doorbells – $20 discount provided to Wiseburn using code Wiseburn1523 on purchases
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