Meeting Minutes January 21, 2015

Board Members present: Bill, Harley, Phil, Mary

4 CHP Offices, Scott Houston (West Basin MWD), Cal Trans

  • Mark Ridly Thomas will not be coming
  • Increase in crime in Hollyglen
  • Bill – Crime Updates provided
  • CHP Captain:
    • 23 in custory, 48 people cited -> 105 freeway cruisers
    • CHP offers programs for young and older drivers, please call CHP at (310) 642-3939
  • Question – turning right on a red light, can I go if a pedestrian is crossing and they are on the other side of the island?
    • CHP Response – It is OK as long as its safe.
  • Operation Valentine – group of motorcycles being chased by CHP Officer – after lengthy investigation 9 arrests were made
  • Scott Houston – West Basin Municipal Water District, and
    • I’m in Northern district (El Segundo, Del Aire, Culver City, Manhattan Beach) and live in El Segundo.  There are 5 members on the West Basin which works on water pricing and bringing water to our area.  Working on ehtics issues from previous board members
    • Rain Barrel distribution (free)
    • Saturday Feb 7th – call (310) 371-4633 to get on the reservation list
  • Harley –
    • Financial reports – I send them out by email quarterly
    • Santa Parade – Thanks for all who came and helped
    • Walking Path – still on track
      • Keegen (inspection team) from Public works – currently concrete removal and paving curbs and driveways, end of Feb or beginning Mar is anticipated end date
    • Dorinne Jordan (Supervisor MRT office is our interim rep)  – she is working hard on trying to get all our streets paved
  • Complaint from neighbors of kids, skateboards and strollers going around wanting streets done
    • Answer – soon
  • Some comments on how nice the crew is that is working on the streets
  • Tree questions – of palm tree nut removal or putting trees on your own on city side – Harley said only if they are causing a rpoblem – If you don’t like what height plans on city side, call (626) 458-3190 Inspection Team – L.A. Dana
  • Bill + Shavonda on Choice Blocks
    • La Cienega and Inglewood are part of Lawndale School district that is the way in was in the 1930s.  Now at this time we are having a petition to transfer territory so they can join Wiseburn District.   The are a lot of issues.
      • Q – Is Wiseburn School District supporting petition? A – Yes
    • The hearing has several components – this is not driven by the district it is driven by the community
    • March 2nd – Monday Night the meeting starts at 6 PM and may go to 10 PM.  We do not know where yet but we need tons of support.  If it doesn’t happen the area still gets permits.  In the long run, Lawndale would lose money so they can swap business community.  What can we do to convince it’s time to change
    • Wiseburn Residents for Wiseburn Schools
    • Bill can send out info online
    • Bill – WE have been down this road before this is our show.  How close we our permits our heaches and haddle.  I am tired and want this handled, there will be 2 meetings and anyone concerned can come.  We need to be on the same page.
    • Questions from community – the more we show up the better
    • The Centinela Board meeting will bond against this.  We need to stand in numbers.
    • The LACOE Board meeting will be on the same date one at 6PM and one at 8PM in both districts.  10 people with a point will be given time from each community.  Need to show community as a whole.
  • Ended with Shavonda stating that an email would go out and expressing thanks.
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