Meeting Minutes March 18, 2015

Board Members Present: Bill, Harley, Phil, Mary

Law Enforcement: 3 CHP – Austin, VanDer, Person, 1 Sheriff – McCall

  • Bill – Signs on poles – please take them down when done
  • Pick up trash cans
  • Do something with junk cars in driveway (blight on community)
  • CRIME – update on stats
  • Law Enforcement –
    • free child safety sea inspections with appointments from CHP
    • Is it legal to carry lock picks and collapsible batons?
      • Depends on why you have it and where you are
    • Should take a class to carry pepper spray
  • Walking path – to begin later this month
  • Road Improvement – no one informed us of La Cienega – should complete soon
  • Rock Around the Block – March 28th 9am – 3 pm at Dana Middle School
  • Recall of CVUHS School Board
    • 9,000 signatures needed
    • You must live on 139, 140, 141, 142nd streets to sign today
    • Members were getting more money for school board members
  • Orphan Blocks – had 2 hearing it is not in the hands of LACOE
  • Survey – Wiseburn Watch Meeting – What should we focus our meetings on?
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