Meeting Minutes – May 25, 2016

  • ~75-80 Wiseburn watch members in attendance + 5 board members + CHP and LASD
  • Mary from County Rep. MRT office
  • Dore Burry – Wiseburn Walking Path
  • Board Members: Bill, Harley, Phil, Mary, Eddie
  • Office Mujica

Meeting started at 7:05PM

  • 10-15 new/first time attendees – welcome
  • If you see familiar perpetrators, please call law enforcement
  • Bill reported on crime
    1. Mixed bag – general increase in most crime stats
    2. 5/21 Daily Breeze articel reporting all LA crime is up
    3. 3/16 Major Crimes Up
    4. Ramona vehicle burglary up April 2016 – 32 cases
    5. Election year – please read up on who is making the laws
  • LA Sheriff on vehicular burglaries
    1. Electronic locks and device unlock devices sending an electro magnetic pulse to unlock – be aware
    2. Prop. 47 -vehicle burglary and shoplifting are now misdemeanors
    3. Multiple theft convictions become a felony
    4. Unmarked vehicles patrols COPS between 6pm and 4am
  • Questions from members:
    • LA Sheriff – missed fingerprinting session after a follow-up call of reported theft from member
    • Does LASD use GPS tracking on their vehicles? A: No.
    • Homeless presence
      • La Cienega and El Segundo – CalTrans and CHP must be called to evict
      • 72 hours to evict for LASD then pass on to CHP
    • Alarm monitoring – service calls – LASD took 2 hours while break-in took 10 minutes
    • Free software is available to makeĀ out licenses plates from video or still photographs – seeĀ
    • Carmen: Gate on La Cienega not secure
    • Maria – Solicitors without permits in County of Los Angeles – Mary from County will address with Maria
    • Parking – 72 hours allowed for parking, else red tag – report to Sheriff Parking enforcement office
      • Possibility of residential parking permits from someone on 139th street
      • 10K lbs truck cannot park, trailers + hook is OK
      • Tune-Up Masters lot owned by City of Hawthorne – rumored 100 room hotel in the works
  • Bill – it is illegal to remove recycle bin contents in LA County
  • Wiseburn Walking Path update – Dore Burry
    • Fence install happens on 5/26 on 139th street
    • Homeless fence block on the south side
    • El Segundo fence on the north side
      • next meeting will have slides with options
      • Gina – CalTrans has approved
    • Community Planting days once approved – Mary and Carly
  • Orphan Blocks Update
    • Lawndale Lawyer stated that fiscal impact would be $700-800 /year
      • LA Tax Assessor had calculated ~$200/year
      • LACOE will check with counsel
    • LACOE meetings happen the 1st Wednesday of every month in Downey on Imperail Hwy.
  • National Night Out happens on August 2nd — taking donations made out to NNO
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