Meeting Minutes May 27, 2015

Present: Harley, Bill, Mary, Phil

Law Enforcement: Capt. Steve, Sgts. Peterson, VanDermudeau, Austin

  • Catalytic converters stole and cars being broken into
    • Put stuff away in car and not visible
  • A man was found taking paper information from recycling bin – No one called the Sheriff!
    • Please shred your personal information
  • Bill cited May crime statistics
  • What is the best security system?
    • Harley – perhaps we can have some alarm companies present at a watch meeting
  • Q from audience – Why are there more helicopters flying above?
    • Bill – It’s Hawthorne PD.  Holly Glen doesn’t like it over their neighborhood so they fly over ours
  • Increased speeding now that streets are paved
  • Fireworks already going off
    • Sheriff – now much that can be done
  • Election
    • Harley – President
    • Bill – Vice President
    • Phil
    • Mary
    • Eddie – elected as Secretary
  • Trees
    • Call landscaping company if tree doesn’t look goo
    • 5 gallon requires 2x week -> Water it
    • parkway trees – if you requested a tree you said you would take care of it
  • Harley – Walking Path Update
    • Delayed because they want to know where county service vehicles will park.  It will need turnouts so they need to go back to permit process
    • Jim Smith – will walk it through Building and Safety  – It’s on for June 11
  • Orphan Blocks – We are petitioning the LACOE to release 139th – 142nd streets from CVUSD, will have hearing on June 3rd.
    • Final hearing will be in July
    • Letter of support – Ask Bill/Shavonda or website for address
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