Wiseburn Watch July 15, 2015 – Minutes

7:00pm @ Dana MIddle School

Board Members present: Bill, Harly, Phil, Mary, Eddie

  1. Introductions
  2. Home invasion report and words of caution
    1. future meeting topic suggested by public at large on home security
    2. Sliding glass doors prime targets – Phyllis
    3. Wiseburn Watch website has home security handbook with checklist
  3. Crime updates provided by Bill Magoon- 135th, Shoup, 134 Pl. – details to be posted on website
    1. La Cienega and 129th
      1. concerns about DPW removed speed bumps
      2. Bill to follow-up on this concern
    2. Firework ordinances – do we request supervisor intervention?
      1. fireworks are illegal in unincorporated LA
      2. Anonymity can be preserved when calling about violations
      3. future meeting topic on firework control and monitoring
        1. Safe and Sane in Lawndale and Hawthorne costs additional patrolling funds and has shown some limited improvements per captain reporting former involvement
        2. Gather our thoughts for Mark Ridley Thomas on suppression and signage for future meeting strategy
  4. Updates on Walking Path provided by Harley
    1. Service vehicle inlet requirement was latest cause for delay
    2. Permits to be approved soon – as soon as revised date is provide it will be send to watch list
  5. Orphan Block Update – Bill
    1. Preliminary vote from LACOE a YES
    2. Pending EIR and CQA report
  6. Reminder that National Night Out will be held on August 4th
    1. Donations/prizes will be accepted
    2. Complimentary food/drink for the first time
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